Making portals in Adobe Dimension (Part 2: Daytime)

For an extra challenge, try reversing what we did in part 1 without the tutorial! 


For u non-video learners, a step by step.


Step 1: Change the sun's position

Turn layer 1 and the Sun view back on. Then adjust the sun properties so that the light flows through the doors from the behind the camera. 

Step 2: Render

Render the view that we just set up! 

Step 3: Day view

We need to create a full day shot for our final render. Hide the doorway layer (Layer 1). Then click on the Environment tab to add the sunset image back to the background. 

Step 4: Put it all together! 

Open the first day render we created (with the doorways). 

Click file > place linked > add the day view shot we've just rendered. 

Turn on the additional layers view and use the magic wand to select dark blue doorway part of the render. 

Turn off the additional layers view, and click on the PSD layer we've linked and click mask. 

Using Format