Glow up w/ Adobe Dimension

Download 3D assets:

None! Everything here comes outta the box!

Download photo asset:

Step 1: Add a background image

Click the Environment tab in the scene, then add a background image.

Step 2: Add a plane

Filter by models in the assets panel and add a plane to the scene. Set the opacity of the plane to 25% so we can still see the background image. 

Step 3: Set up your shot

Use the camera tools to get our new plane to match the perspective of the background image.

Freehand the adjustments using the camera tools in the left panel, or just type in what I have to Camera Perspective. 

Step 4: Plane adjustments

Resize the plane to make it fit within the image better. 

Step 5: Add two hollow spheres

Filter the assets panel by models and select the hollow sphere, and move it into position. Then duplicate your layer and rotate it by 180 degrees and move it up to float above the first sphere. 

Step 6: Add light source

Add another plane to the scene. Use the select tools to position it to live within our hollow spheres. 

Glow up:

Add the glow material to your new plane. 

Now is a good time to start using render preview so that we can see how the glow is effecting the scene. 

Step 7: Add snow texture to floor plane

Add a matte texture to the floor plane, and set it to white. Then click the plus button by the Normal property and add in the normal from the snow material we downloaded. This adds a more natural unevenness to the landscape.

Step 8: Render! 

Change the canvas size to 3000x2250px and render a high quality PSD.

Step 9: Add plants back in 

Start by opening your rendered PSD in Photoshop. 

Add a mask to the rendered image and the background layer, then hide the rendered layer. 

Click select > color range and hold the shift key to add color areas to the total selection. Click on a few areas of the front plants, since these are what we're trying to bring back into the image. 

Once you have a nice selection click ok, then turn the rendered layer back on and use the eraser tool (with the foreground white) to paint back in the plants.  

Enter 'X' to toggle the foreground color to black and erase out anything you didn't want from what we just painted in. 

Step 10: Blend the plane

We can see a pretty obvious edge from our 3D plane, let's blend that in better. 

Turn on the view for the additional layers group, and select the Material Selection Masks layer. 

Use the magic wand and select the green ground plane. 

Hide the group, and select the Rendered Image (Reduced Noise) mask again.

Use the eraser tool (50% flow, hardness 0%) and gently go around the edge of the plane to get rid of any hard edges from the rendered floor.

Step 11: Add glow to our light source

The beam of light that we created in dimension is looking a little flat, let's give it a glow effect.

Turn on the view for the additional layers group, and select the Material Selection Masks layer. 

Use the magic wand and select the green ground plane. 

Add a white solid color adjustment layer. 

Right click the new color fill layer and select blending options. Add a white outer glow and play with the settings until you're happy with your glow. 

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